Semester Break

I ever post about the story of final 4th semester. Yah i’m doing semester break now, it past a week ago.  you  know, I wanna go to my village since i have  been  done  my  last final. But i must  waiting  here, waiting daddy pick me up.  in the first day for break, my daddy  was  come  but  i  don’t think to follow  him to go home cause  i  know  when  ju ne 16th comes,  i back again. 

i’m still remembered  when my mommy text me, its two hours before i’m doing  my last final. The text is  rhe, have you done today ? still stay there, and looking for outfits for you wears”  oh my god,  honestly i dont want to receive the text.   i want but not the says. 

next day was going on until this time i’m writing this. Bored ? yah  i feel that when have done my usual activity in home. Playing a song  is favorite doing  in the first day break. But day a day comes it surfeited. missing my lit fams there.

my semester break is the first time i don’t go lajoa actualy. it will be remember. Although with my collage friends have many schedule of  holiday was made before our break  time come and not happen well but its still redoing now. Before days come we want to very much do that but in the end, it still memories not realize

You know i wanna leaving this home,  leaving my pink room and  go to my home in lajoa. My college done for this semester, it should i refresh my brain, join and go in another place which always  i visited like the past year.  I miss the moment when i sit in behind my daddy who drove the car with my mommy (beside dad) and my lit sister (beside me) gone to my grandfa town. 

but this journey may be i wanna go to bornoe. In Descember last year my daddy go there and i don’t have chance to go with him. Yah its cause i’m contract with schedule in my collage. Oh so sad.  whereas i wanna go there. i wanna see with my lit boyf  yah  its my lit cousin who always assume that i’m his girls. hhahah  he so cute, with him mouth which never stop to talk. I miss him much.

actually, i dont have planning for this semester. Yah my planning not here. I didn’t make the plan if i was here. I’m still in green hills waiting for 16th  jun,  just read Al Qur’an and don’t go aywhere cause its town not interest for me. yah i always go here when im childhood.  so much particle of dust here. If want to go, we like in winter. and in not cozy

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