is it Friday ? yippie, no need to wait any longer. The day i want in front my eyes now, the early morning  prayer was done although kinda late. But Alhamdulillah i can against my enemy hhaha ya its a lazier.

Allahumma yassir wala tu’assir

outside, the weather is atmosphere of dawn. usually in Friday. Yah, if  winter not comes. i saw the cloud as usual i do in the morning. Look at for mountain which the sun always rise in chink. so many activit y today but its not heavy, i  has completed a bit last nigh.

kinda relieved for this moment, its about two things. the roar of the wind, sounded in the ears now. is like not want to leave it, just stay here and flies together. wish it belong longer. five minutes not yet i fell with closed eyes.

the heavy sounded on the other side, its cartoon. my favorite for watching. it seems i was a childhood may be but desire always come and  not to loose. i wont to leave it anymore, i love it love it and love it
itsnt hurt anyhting, i just do and make me happy in the ends. with a funnny stories, an act naughty a bit it look sweet of all. now i realize that im going 20, may be i must be better – better than before, i know that but do u want, its not the mistake 

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