Ririn Puspitasari
 Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb

Firstly,Let us to pray to our God Allah SWT who was given us a good condition and along lifr, so we can meet each other here. Beside let send shalawat to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has taken us from the darkness to the brightness nature. Now, I would like to say thank you very much to the juries who has given me a good to stand up in front you all by delivering speech “EDUCATION PROBLEM”.
Ladies and gentlemen
Education is necessity for human being, because without  education we can not do much in this world. Education is basic to obtain knowledge for human being, so that we can live civilized and secure and prosperous. 

Along with  globally education growth,science and technology  as product of education also progress rapidly and have momentum in our country. Consequently, education system in Indonesia is also going through revision or renewel so that quality of national education to be excellence competitive and comparability according to quality standard of national as well as international. In now days, we can see some government programme such as National Standard school, Asia standard  school and even international Standard School or Bilingual classroom. The porpuse of these is to improve and develop the quality of education in Indonesia.
Ladies and gentlemen
Supporting these programmers, the government has done many things for instance, teachers, training, Seminar, symposium and also socialization how to apply the curriculum. Our teachers have trained about many techniques in teaching prose’s, to apply the curriculum base the interest emphasizes the way of study instruction for all students to be comprehension, mastering, skilled, and also can apply and develop in everyday life.
Ladies and gentlemen
Education in global era, quality and high qualification must be needed to support our smart life. You know that there are rwo things that are very popular now, mastering English and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology). English speech contest is one way to master English as like what we are doing now. But what about ICT? For example the usage of Computer or Internet! These are big problem. Educational development increase as development of science and technology as its product. In orde side, the ability to have or to buy of these tools is very low. The economy of our society is very low. Our teacher themselves most of them, do not own, and can’t operate computer or internet.
Ladies and gentlemen
As students, waht must we do ? There is no another word, except study hard. We must study hard and study hard. To take our nation from the back ness and the badness, we should be clever, intelligent and good mentally. How godd the teaching method? How good the government programmers? But if we have bad mental, I think we have nothing.Let we see now, the fighting among students, even though. The fighting among collage students! What a pity! Is our nation able to develop if the youth always do like this ? Once more, It is nothing.
Ladies and gentlemen
Before I close my speecch, I want to ask you, let’s realize ourselves. Let’s study and study hard. If not us who else. If not when else. Bless my speech is useful for us. And at last, I hope you forgive me if there are some mistake in my speech.Thank you very much for your atention.
Wassalamu Alikum wr.wb.

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